Here is a list of tech-related talks, articles, podcasts, and anywhere permanent-ish that I’ve publicly been a part of.

Item Date Content Type or Position
SUSE Summer is Open: Rust Cloud Native August 2021 Presenter
SUSECON 2021 May 2021 Speaker
Rancher Labs Master Class: Scaling Kubernetes Nodes from Rancher April 2021 Master Class
SUSE Hack Week 2021: Rust Bootcamp March 2021 Technical Host (instruction by Ferrous Systems)
WFU OPCD Alumni Feature January 2021 Article
Tech ONTAP Podcast Episode 245: Containers, Kubernetes and Automation in Dev and QA at NetApp June 2020 Podcast
WFU Computer Science Alumni Page May 2020 Article
Event Date Position
WFU STEM Slam 2021 March 2021 Alumni Panelist
WakeHacks 2021 Hackathon March 2021 Mentor
WFU STEM Slam 2020 Early 2020 Keynote Speaker
WakeHacks 2019 Hackathon Early 2019 Advisor
WFU Technical Interview Symposium Late 2018 Panelist
WakeHacks 2018 Hackathon Early 2018 Director and Founder
WakeHacks Zero Pilot Hackathon Early 2017 Director and Founder

Note: “WFU” is an acronym for “Wake Forest University