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What Socials Am I On?

As of the time of publishing, I am planning to stay on Twitter for the foreseeable future. However, given the recent volatility of the company managing the platform, that may be subject to change.

Update (30 November 2022): I gave Mastodon a try, but I am no longer on the platform. Huge “thank you” to the folks running instances in the “fediverse”.

While I have tried Mastodon in the past and believe that it is a great platform, the “fediverse”, and decentralized social media platforms at large, do not currently interest me. That being said, I am keeping an eye on Bluesky as well as other social media platforms, including cohost.

Barring Twitter, I’ve historically kept a lower profile on other “socials” (nickname for “social media”). You may have seen me infrequently poke in and out of my real name accounts on sites like Reddit and Discord, but Twitter has been far and away my platform of choice for meeting and talking to people who share similar interests to me.

So, what’s left? While I do not post frequently on LinkedIn, my network there has some overlap with circles that I’ve been a part of on Twitter. LinkedIn would likely not be a Twitter replacement for me, but it’s worth mentioning.

All of this is to say and reiterate: I am planning to stay on Twitter for the foreseeable future and will let folks know if that changes.